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Dean Jay Music Video Blowout

The Otherization

Dean Jay throws a free speech Pussy Riot by addressing the Niggerization that is "The Otherization." Bradley Manning should have listened to Ice-T instead of a man named Julian. "Freedom of Speech - just watch what you say," says Ice-T. The T does not stand for Toure´.


Tim “Home Gym” Clark is Tyrhauk.

You love him. The Warrior. Why you got to love him?

The Tim Home Gym Song

You have to think about what you just ate

If you really want to get yourself in shape

Fun and fitness and health

You have to want it all for yourself

I’m Sorry I’m Tiger

Summit City Noise recording artist DEAN JAY channels the sorrow of a fallen sports hero with "I'm Sorry I'm Tiger." See "Tiger Woods Corporate Apology Summit City Noise" on YouTube for more of the comic soap opera in high def, yo.

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Summit City Noise recording artist Dean Jay discovers strange behavior on the dance floor with "Alien."